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The power of mobility boosting your supply chain!

With proper guidance to drivers of transport and installation processes as a basis, our Logistics.ONE software realizes reliable communication of up-to-date and complete information to all stakeholders in your transport process. Leads to cost savings and higher customer satisfaction. Suitable for any process, helping you fulfil all your clients' specific requirements and wishes.

Logistics.ONE is a highly flexible and cloud-based product that allows you to realize the support of Any Last Mile Process. Your delivery staff can focus on the optimal customer experience. 

Logistics.ONE presents delivery drivers their daily workflows, stores all information and synchronizes relevant data back, while also providing up-to-the-minute insight into the Last Mile processes.

Making processes transparent and optimally manageable is of crucial importance within the Last Mile. Supporting this flawlessly with Logistics.ONE ultimately results in major cost savings and the best possible Return On Experience.

How can this process become error-free?

Logistics.ONE solves this with its high degree of flexibility. Where other software vendors leave a lot to be desired by making question paths rigid and inflexible, Logistics.ONE offers dynamic, flexible and quickly adaptable workflows.

Logistics.ONE is available from the Cloud and is compatible with the Android operating system. This means that with mobile devices (rugged mobile computers, tablets and mobile phones) the software is available everywhere.

The main benefits

1. Visibility

Get full insight into your transport processes. This allows you to steer towards optimization of the work process.

2. Flexibility

Logistics.ONE is a complementary cloud system with effective workflow integration. Logistics.ONE is adaptable for a wide range of processes. 

3. Cost-effective

Optimization and automation through Logistics.ONE reduces costs at the bottom line.

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Our customers

  • Van Duuren

    Thanks to the speed and flexibility of Aventeon, we rolled out Logistics.ONE within six weeks after start of the implementation.

  • Patrans

    Our digitization of paper delivery notes went flawlessly using Logistics.ONE. In addition, the product is so stable that in recent years we have not encountered any problems.


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Hundreds of thousands of orders are realized every day with the support of our Logistics.ONE software. Effective, user-friendly, flexible and paperless.

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