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What is Best of Breed?

Does the term "Best of Breed" sound familiar or does it mean nothing to you? These days, it's becoming more and more common. In fact, Best of Breed applications have been on the rise in recent years.

In this article, we explain in easy-to-understand language what Best of Breed is, and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

What is Best of Breed?

Best of breed means best in class. If you opt for best of breed, you choose the best solution available on the market for each part of your IT set-up. With a Best of Breed strategy, a company does not opt for a single total package, but looks for software applications which specialise in a specific part of your business process, even if these applications come from different providers.

The aim is to find the best available software for each individual area of your business. Best of Breed software is often a highly developed expert package, perfectly matched to the goal and the corresponding application areas and business processes. Examples? Think of Mailchimp for email marketing or MoneyBird for your invoicing. They can all do one thing extremely well.

The alternative?

The opposite of Best of Breed are the all-in-one total packages. These are packages which can be used to manage a large number of business processes. The advantage is that you can do all sorts of things from one package. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of effort to really get the potential out of it. After all, it is designed for a broad target group with a focus on many different processes.

This is why ERP suppliers are increasingly opting for integrations with expert systems (Best of Breed) for various sub-processes.

Why do companies opt for a Best of Breed application landscape?

The first reason is specialisation. Best of Breed software is developed with a focus on, and knowledge of, the optimisation of one specific business process. Software companies with knowledge of this business process have developed the Best of Breed software specifically for that process, and know the sector and its stakeholders well. As a result, the Best of Breed software supports that business process perfectly, and is often more comprehensive and efficient than the same business process supported by an all-in-one solution. Ultimate expertise versus average functionality

When a company uses several of these Best of Breed solutions, it creates its own perfect digital landscape.

A second reason is the ROI (Return On Investment). Efficient software + lower costs + rapid deployment = rapid payback.

Benefits of Best of Breed software:

  • The most optimal software for the business process
  • No customisation but standard software
  • Scalable package (pay per user)
  • Rapid implementation (plug-in)
  • Do not pay for parts of the software you do not use
  • Easy to integrate

At Aventeon we are experts in supporting drivers and delivery man in their daily processes; very specific, so we are also a 'Best of Breed' solution. Aventeon's goal is to create the smartest and best software in the field of mobile support for drivers and delivery staff.

The integration possibilities of Best of Breed software.

Have you opted for Best of Breed? Then integration with other applications is often a must. In the past, it was often complex - and sometimes risky - to establish these integrations. For this reason, until about 10 years ago, many companies often opted for the all-in-one solution. Since then, linking via standard interfaces and APIs has become increasingly simple and we have seen a strong rise in companies opting for a Best of Breed application landscape.

With this connection, the ERP package can be linked to the driver software, for instance, and the driver software in turn feeds the registered data back to the ERP package. Best of Breed software is always designed so that it can be easily integrated into a company's application landscape.

If your company wants to get the best out of all its business processes and has software which supports this perfectly, a Best of Breed strategy is a smart option.


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