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Transport including Value Added Services

Sample customer: Rhenus Home Delivery

The ability to provide services immediately following a delivery (or collection) requires a little more from a driver. Examples are the delivery and installation of a television, exchanging a broken mobile phone, replacing an ink cartridge in a photo machine, installing medical equipment for home care or exchanging a coffee machine.

In all cases, delivery and getting what was delivered in working order are crucial to the customer experience, Return On Experience and your NPS score. For your "delivery engineer", the work can be very diverse and one job will occur more often than another. Therefore, the delivery engineer must always have access to the exact information that belongs to the relevant order. Status, delivered work, deviations, problems and extra delivered services or items must be communicated clearly and completely to central systems and colleagues in the office. New processes of new clients must be stored, managed and registered quickly and easily.

The ability to realise a wide range of services, from simple to very complex, even without a delivery has taken place, is one of the core qualities of many users of the Logistics.ONE software. The software presents, stores and communicates all the necessary information in relation to items and the various services. If required, delivery engineers can access specific information, such as manuals, photos, drawings and films.

Up-to-date information can also be made available to third parties, so that the right information is in the right place at the right time and your organisation spends less time and money on communication.

The digital exchange of information and functionality tailored to logistics lead to effective process optimization, uniform work processes and the best possible Return On Experience.

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