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The perfect logistics software for drivers and delivery staff

Quickly deployable at low cost

Monthly rate, "Cloud solution", quick to implement.

Quickly deployable at low cost

Monthly rate, "Cloud solution", quick to implement.

Extremely user-friendly

Thousands of users work effectively with Logistics.ONE every day.

Extensive standard functionality

Proven components and options

Everyone gets the right information

Optional deployment of cloud based central components

Flexible and independent

Configurable for each transport process

High demands are made on logistics services. Clients want a complete, up-to-date insight and end customers expect a perfect customer experience. Creating added value by flexibly supporting a variety of processes, both simple and highly complex, is one of the foundations of our Logistics.ONE software.

Logistics.ONE provides the perfect support for operations outside your trucks or vans, your logistics services and any additional service activities. Our software is praised by customers for its ease of use, reliability, security and excellent value for money. Logistics.ONE is a perfect tool to maximize your Return On Experience.

Logistics.ONE offers extensive standard functionality including order management, barcode scanning, cash on delivery, packaging, dynamic surveys, local library, adding files, taking photos, digital signatures, integrated payment solution, time tracking, GPS Track & Trace, telephony, navigation, instructions and alerts on deviations. Logistics.ONE software is suitable for deployment on Android smartphones, tablets and rugged mobile computers. 

Wondering which functionalities Logictics.ONE can support your process?

By using Logistics.ONE you always have maximum control over your Last Mile. The software ensures an error-free process so that the percentage of successful first deliveries is extremely high. With Logistics.ONE, the right information is available at the right time in the right place, saving you time and money.

Do you know exactly what is involved in a Last Mile delivery? Below is a (standard) workflow that we support.

The more requirements a client sets, the more difficult a process can become. Logistics.ONE offers the possibility to make these processes as easy and transparent as possible. Can we help you by supporting your logistics processes and realize the best possible Return On Experience?


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Hundreds of thousands of orders are realized every day with the support of our Logistics.ONE software. Effective, user-friendly, flexible and paperless.

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