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Aventeon & Simacan; Smart Transport Execution Management meets Delivery & Field Services

Our joint proposition provides all supply chain stakeholders with end-to-end visibility, control and collaboration. Through the Simacan platform cross-functional and cross-operational collaboration is supported, providing transparency and insights for all. In combination with the Aventeon platform and the instalment of our driver app Logistics.ONE drivers can be systematically guided with notifications and instructions through the entire process, both on-route and on the delivery location.

Logistics.ONE is able to offer flexibility and freedom to drivers, even up to drivers being able to mutually exchange shipments without the intervention of a planner. Logistics.ONE is able to provide configurable workflows for any additional service activities to follow on the moment of delivery. Through Simacan, these processes, on-trip mutations and their effects - seen over the whole supply chain - are visible and manageable.

By combining our strengths of smart transport execution management and delivery services we offer a compelling value proposition, for both B2B as well as B2C. Helping our users achieve their logistical goals effectively and efficiently. Together we are able to provide a future-proof and scalable solution.

You will find us together, in Hall A3, booth 215, 9-12 May at Transport Logistic, Mess Munich


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Dagelijks worden honderdduizenden orders gerealiseerd met de ondersteuning van onze Logistics.ONE software. Effectief, gebruiksvriendelijk, flexibel en papierloos.

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